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About Our Dentists

The Careington network is one of the oldest and largest dental networks in the United States. Our network dentists have the following qualifications:

    • 5-Year Work History Evaluation
    • Verification of State Licensure in Good Standing
    • 100,000 Dental Access Points Nationwide
  • General Dentists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists & More
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group of smiling male and female dentists with blue gloves and white lab coats


Which Dentist Can I Use?

Do you live in New York but spend winters in Florida? Maybe you live in Texas, but you visit grandkids in California. No problem! With the Careington Care 500 plan, you can use any dentist in the network, anywhere, any time. Just pull up this list any time you’re in a new area.